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Create, Optimize, and Automate Your Workflow with Zapier or Integromat

Hello there!

Rean here. I have 11 years of combined experience in content management (EIC for 3.5 years), technical project management (PM for 5 years), digital marketing (concurrent roles/projects for about 5 years), operations management (5 years). Due to the nature of my job, I have to take in multiple roles at the same time. I can wear many hats – this is important because in order for me to assist you in your business, I need to know how everything works both in theory and practice.

Let’s create processes for your online business, optimize existing workflows, and automate manual work!

Workflow optimization consulting

Things I can do for your business:

  • Audit your processes to see why it’s not working as intended
  • Audit your remote employees (VAs, web developer, project manager, customer service reps, etc.) to see if their time is being used right, or I can also help them improve their time and resource management
  • Hire the right staff for you (I have an extensive experience in scouting, hiring, and training of talents, mainly in the web development field and for VA/CS teams)
  • Automate your workflow (in customer support, your CRM, emails, etc.)
  • If you sell on Amazon, I can help audit everything if you feel like something is off or things could be better, then I will recommend steps on how to improve the status quo

We are a match if you:

  • Are a Startup with a remote team (content, marketing, development, administrative)
  • Are an eCommerce business (I’ve worked with 7 US/UK/AU brands who sell on Amazon, eBay, Walmart)
  • Have an idea but you don’t know where to start
  • Are on a limited budget (I can help you set things up, help you hire the right people at an affordable rate — but still above market average for them for good karma)
  • Are just tired and in need of someone who can have your back while you take a rest day

Operations Consulting Process

Operations consulting process
  1. First we’ll jump on a quick call for a consultation/interview. I’ll try to figure out what your needs are, ask you several questions, etc.
  2. I will write a proposal for you. If you decide that we’re a good match based on my proposal, we’ll start working together immediately.
  3. I’ll comb through your files, platforms, and other documents relevant to your needs – or talk to different people that are related to this project.
  4. I’ll provide you with an action plan.
  5. If you agree to the action plan I provide, then I can advise you on what next steps you can take, which people you need to hire (if technical, or in need of an additional staff/freelancer, etc.)
    1. If it’s automating your workflow, I can do that myself.
  6. We finalize everything. Done!


“We had the pleasure to work with Rean for almost 2 years. He was our Operations Manager and a very valuable asset to our team. He can work without supervision and will go above and beyond on all projects assigned to him. I confidently recommend Rean, he is a dedicated and knowledgeable team player and an all-around great person, I’m confident that he will be a beneficial addition to any organization.”

Andres M. - CEO of NHW Labs Inc

“Absolute pleasure working with Rean. He gets to grips with projects very quickly and has very good technical knowledge as well as marketing knowledge. Rean is a first-class freelancer and I would highly recommend him!”

Kenny G. - CEO of Hip Pop (Formerly Booch & Brew)

“Rean has worked for us as PM/Operations Manager and has made a huge difference to our small business. He has delivered a number of projects, new applications and integrations to time and budget. He is focused, articulate, diligent, proactive and very professional. Rean understands how to navigate the complexities of Amazon and has made our operation so much more efficient. Our team works across multiple time zones which Rean manages with ease. He’s a team player, approachable and friendly. I could not recommend Rean more highly!”

Emma T. - Co-Founder of Hello Pure UK

“Rean is top notch! You won’t find someone who can take a half-cooked idea and bring it to life without needing ongoing supervision. He’s a team player, good communicator and a perfect all-rounder for everything/anything you need.”

Tyler G. - CEO of Standout Enterprises Pty Ltd

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